Resident Talent Show 2015

All Hollow’s Eve provided lots of treats and surprises for our residents, staff and guests! It was difficult to recognize some of the staff who came to work “dressed for the day!” Student volunteers from Loyola-Marymount University, attired in their costumes, joined us and distributed special ghost pins that they had lovingly prepared for our residents.

Our 8th annual “Talent Show” revealed an array of talent. It included performances by the residents, staff, volunteers and sisters. There were jokes, singing, a special appearance and performance by Stevie Wonder and his assistant!, and an unannounced visit by Pope Francis who was accompanied by the Swiss Guard and secret service agents in dark glasses! The line-up was so spectacular and extraordinary that it defies description and as one participant noted “is never to be repeated”! The afternoon ended with everyone enjoying “Root Beer Floats” and wondering what talent would be uncovered next year. Please see the accompanying video for the beautiful performance by our residents.