Annually, Residents, Families, Sisters, Staff and Guests at Marycrest participate in our traditional Christmas Novena, Las Posadas. This beautiful preparation for Christmas begins on the nine days before, and is a re-enactment of Mary and Joseph seeking shelter as they make their journey to Bethlehem.

Following Las Posadas, the residents perform their annual presentation of the Nativity story. Mary and Joseph, the shepherds, the three wise men, the Emperor Cesar Augustus and a choir of angels are all represented by the residents. One of the wise men is usually reluctant to give up his “gift” to the Baby Jesus when his turn comes and some of the “angels” with tilted halos and antics, bring many smiles, but everyone present becomes young at heart and cannot but be deeply touched by the performance. We are reminded of the simplicity of the First Christmas and are inspired to prepare their hearts to welcome our Infant King. No doubt, the heavenly angels are smiling too!