Wednesday night, April 5th, 2019, the second annual “Senior Prom” was held in conjunction with volunteer students from LMU. The students of the Gryphon Circle are regular volunteers who created this fabulous evening for our residents complete with a playlist from the ’30s and 40’s top hits, balloons, and even a jukebox! The staff of Marycrest worked hard with the students to set up for the prom early in the afternoon. By evening the dining room had been transformed into a ballroom complete with dance floor and a photo booth for perfect prom pictures. The Carmelite Sisters arrived shortly after dinner and the dancing began! Residents and students engaged in a lively exchange of joyful wholesome fun. The residents reminisced about the dances of long ago, and some were even able to teach the students some “new moves” from the classic swing era. Some family members that joined us were in awe of the way that their loved ones revived in spirit when they heard the music and started to dance as well. It was a sight to behold our prom king and queen Bernie and Judy Hochman who actually attended their own senior prom in high school many years ago! Truly it was a blessed evening of joy, fun, reminiscing, and bringing to our residents that fullness of life that Christ our Lord promises. The students enjoyed hosting the event so much that they hope to do it every year! We look forward to seeing you at our next dance!