Mother Luisita Celebration

View the full program now and relive the night with us. We enjoyed our time together and are so grateful to all who donated to support Marycrest Manor. We would gratefully receive your support either as an unrestricted gift or toward the Mother Luisita Heritage Rooms, which would help us memorialize our mission to be “At the Service of the Family for Life!” In challenging times, not unlike our own, Mother Luisita witnessed to the value and dignity of every human life. Today, we continue to do the same. It’s our hope to memorialize our mission for those who serve today and for generations to come by providing a dedicated space to showcase Mother Luisita and our mission at Marycrest Manor. We want these rooms to be spaces of beauty and inspiration for our staff and visitors, so that all who serve here in any capacity will be imbued with our vision and mission to care for our beloved elders. In order to do this, we would like to provide new painting, new furnishings, improved lighting, drapery and window upgrades, purchase display cases to showcase archival materials of historical significance to Marycrest Manor, and other upgrades. We thank you for your support and prayers!